Apples Zapples

IMG_0560     IMG_0558

My hard-working husband peeled apples last night so we could eat this delicious breakfast this morning. YUMM! Bananas, applesauce, raisins, and a bit of grain-free granola! Loaded with energy, we headed out to Cherry Point beach, catching over an hour of warm, energizing rays, on this “home day” for Daria (who was a bit congested).  IMG_0567 IMG_0564

A woman I didn’t know said she had taken photos of my girls and would email them to me. Passing along my email, we got talking, and this inspiring woman has 2 children in her 20s who are still her “best friends”. Her tip? “Always, always listen. Your children will learn you are someone to be with, rather than someone who is there to control”. She literally said to me “just do what you are doing”. And, she’s an OT to boot!

IMG_0589 IMG_0587 I filled my boots, and with our “buckets” filled, we headed home. Thank you Jan, lovely meeting you today. I needed that encouragement!


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