Fall Harvest & Quiche

When I woke up this morning I wondered how I would get going (top photo)… I kept rolling over and over in bed, wishing I could do that for a few more hours. Then I thought… it must be Fall! Kurt and I have a contest to keep our heat off until Oct 1st… usually no problem in the Okanagan, here our indoor temperature has been between 16 and 18C the last few days… and damp! Still, we keep going – 2 more sleeps!

IMG_0550     IMG_0556

Tonight we did a Fall craft… (isn’t our Rec room great? a true WRECK room!! yah!). We needed a reason to head out in the inclement weather, so we all brought a paper bag (it stayed dry enough!) and filled it with signs of Fall… leaves, pinecones, berries, anything we could find fallen on our path (there is a trail down the way – 5 min walk from our house). We had a good giggle when we decided to go off-piste and traipse our way through the dense foliage… only to later be tracked down by a small dog who found us quite amusing – and came bark, bark, barking! He’d probably never come across 5 people off in the dense bushes on his wanderings!! Anyways Kurt cut out 3 cardboard wreaths, et voila! A good dose of glue, and we’ll see what still sticks by morning!

To go with our Fall harvest we made a little quiche. My children didn’t used to be fond of quiche… but they gobbled it up tonight, particularly as it was served alongside baked apple/winter squash dish (squash is a notorious un-favorite here!). Next time I will double the recipe!


Crustless Quiche: mix 6 eggs, 1/4c milk, 1 c. chopped spinach, 1/4c green or red pepper, 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 tsp salt, some dill (or thyme, or rosemary), and if you like dairy add 2 T sour cream and 1/2c grated cheese of your choice. Put into a greased pie pan, at 350F until not jiggly in the middle… this will vary but give yourself 1/2hr anyway. You can mix up the veggies – try broccoli, mushroom, whatever you have around.


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