Navigating new territory

IMG_0543 IMG_0546

Here I am heading out on the road this morning, off to navigate the new to me city just south of me… part of Greater Victoria. This was a coastal day.

The roads are not the only new territory we are forging… but they represent much. It is hard work. One day at a time. Some better than others. I had the great joy of talking to good friends A, L, and J this week. Hearing familiar voices is unbelievable. Inspiring. Helps me climb out of a rut, be patient with the jam of life:


To me this appears Lower-Mainland-esque. A challenge for me. One I thought I’d left behind. In times of challenge, me being me, I focus in on food. The no-grain, no-dairy diet has been cleansing and inspiring, and bit of a nuisance, all at once. Last night I was bored of the usual combinations of egg & legume dishes, and came up with:

IMG_0540 IMG_0542And, my darling little boy munching some grain-free granola, my 2nd batch;thank you for your sweet smile. Stefan, you brighten my rainy day!


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