Grain Free Gluten Free Pizza & Granola

In the last 24 hours we have been doing lots of foodie & gardening activities. The past week, I worked 4 of 7 days… way too many to achieve balance in our family, but necessarily to make up for days missed in August due to childcare shortage.

I was lagging in the food department… I think we had fruit for breakfast one day! Last night I worked on putting together this granola. I didn’t have cinnamon (oops!) and it was still a hit (5 for 5!) with some almond milk. Well, not entirely true, the littles had it with yogurt. Here is the granola, drying a bit on the towel before going in the oven:

IMG_0507    IMG_0508

Daria made the playdough lady today, and wanted to take a picture of her. 

This grain-free, dairy-free stint is teaching us… and we are definitely eating WAY more vegetables. We are almost 2 weeks in, Daria, Kurt and I. Daria yearns for cheese and things, but doesn’t really protest or complain too much, she is amazing! Maybe she feels way better?!?!

IMG_0511 IMG_0509

That was our gardening on “Sunday Funday” – Daria and I bought some flowers on a whim – mums, and pansies. Seemed a Sunday thing to do. And Kurt starting mulching, all the grub that was headed to the dump is to now be chopped and form the basis of our garlic bed. We pick up some straw next week, that a reliable local swears by (no seed!). Finally, tonight we made our 2nd grain free pizza. Daria opted for no-cheese rather than soy-cheese and I don’t blame her!

IMG_0513 What it lacks in crust and cheese, it makes up for in HEIGHT:


It is an almond-flax pizza crust, somehow I cannot find the website it is from right now, but there are various ones out there…

Janelle: “whose pizza is that? ours? on the oven?”. mm-ba-mm-ba-mm-ba-mm-ba as she hops down the hall with a towel over her head, freshly bathed.


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