Birthday – you’re FOUR!

Today my little girl turns 4. Not until 10:18pm, which means right about now (6pm), 4 years ago, Kurt (carpooling back from Kelowna), our midwife Sylvia, and support team Charles & Leanne all arrived home at the same time. I could tell you all about my birth story, but I’ll save that and instead tell you that today, 4 years later, I had a request for a “strawberry cake”!


Big sister Daria is on a dairy-free, grain-free diet for 5 weeks to clean up her lung tissue… so I wondered how I would ever pull off a strawberry cake. As it usually goes, a recipe was provided by my good friend C, and it just has to be shared. So look for that at the bottom of the page. Awesome cake. So simple.

IMG_0477 IMG_0464


Another great milestone today was finishing my 3rd knitting project! So far I have made 2 doll blankets. Since Daria is knitting herself a purse, I knit one for Janelle. Happy birthday perfect girl!
Base of cake:
*2 cups ground almonds (I pulse my almonds in my blender and try not to mush it – you could easily food processor to your taste!)
*6 eggs – separate whites from yolks
*Whip the egg whites until stiff (really make sure it looks like a big bowl of whipped cream with stiff peaks!)
*Whip the yolks until thick and pale
*Mix the yolks into the whites and then add the almond flour. Pour into greased cake pan (I use loads of butter, and parchment paper and butter that too!)
*Beauty of this recipe – you may add rapadura, coconut sugar – whatever your fancy to the basic cake *IF* you want too – the product with NO sugar is like a custardy-looking delicious cake – then we cut the cake in half (like through the middle to make two perfect circles (if you used a round cake pan) — so you have essentially *two* halves of the cake — cut a smaller circle out of the bottom round and set the scooped out cake aside so you have a hole – then fill with strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. Could also be chopped fruits, nuts, cream cheese filling, apple sauce, pear sauce – whatever you can dream up and then put the top back on and *ice* the whole thing – whatever fits your current dietary needs and culinary appetites!!!
**** YOU may also grate carrot, zucchini -whatever!!! skies the limit!! and add any spices to the base and/or the filling!!! I would think a nice *spice* cake with apple sauce would suit the autumn – depending on how sweet you like it, I have sweetened the base and made it with absolutely no sweetener – i like sweetening the “topping” or “filling” and leaving the cake sugar -free – but I like it both ways!! 




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