Permaculture Overload

Since taking a weekend Intro course on Permaculture last week, the “buffet of a buffet” (apparently a 72 hour course is the buffet of a larger field!)…

1) I feel I am on overload in new terminology – each one an avenue to a whole new learning blitz in my future! Try googling any of these: Holistic management, Food forestry, Rain Gardens, Scale of Permanence, Earthworks, Soil detoxification, Rain water harvesting, radical mycology… did you know mushrooms are going to save the world?? Even better you could google the course instructor, Javan K Bernakevitch, or see some of his work in Hugelkulture right here, in ONE MINUTE. If you liked that one and want to learn more, here is a 5 min follow up that is filmed 2 months after creation of the Hugelkulture.

2) I am so pumped on learning how to test my own soil, doing sun yoga,… tracings of my yard – did more than 5 this weekend! There is a dreamy, playful quality to all of this, one in which we should not take ourselves too seriously. I like that.

3) I need to work through my course materials (possibly right here in my blog! So I retain something about Permaculture… like what is it? Well I know it has to do with creating the food we need in order to retain freedom of choice. It is a design philosophy based on POSITIVISM (yah!) for self and community, it is a multi-discipline, multi-prong approach to deal with an organic system, an approach where we “only go where we are invited” (good recipe for life I figure), and it is an AWESOME way to view my new land space. How do I see the energies coming in? Wind, water, sun, people… the list goes on…

4) I have learned the theory is revolutionary… the solution is just interesting. Here’s to putting back on my theorizing brain! Love it!

Stay tuned for more on Permaculture, through the eyes of a rookie! So happy I had time to take this course – Kurt and I decided it would be my weekend away, time to myself, to wind up our transition here to the Island. We have been here 4 months… 1/3 of a year… and today it was still over 30 degrees!! We are blessed.



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