Here are the last 2 photos I took last weekend, just before our camera BROKE! when ferrying over to Saltspring Island to meet up with our Godchildren and good friends Christina and Jeff. They both seem timeless somehow – a starfish with umpteen legs, and this photo of my oldest child, Daria… measured today at 46.5″, with best question of the day “mom what words do you NOT know how to spell?”… she brings me joy, and keeps me on my toes!


Today we shared the story with Daria of when she was 18 months old… if people would ask us how old she was, we would turn to her and say “Daria how old are you” and she would reply “a-tee muths old” or some variation thereof. Seems like ages ago.

Fortunately Stefan, at 21 months, shows us daily all the fun of toddlerhood – he is now linking 2 words “bye bye geeth” is his favorite (for geese flying overhead). Well, I could go on… joy, joy, joy, and more joy. What an amazing time of life.

No camera may make blogging a tad difficult for a bit… we’ll see if I can be creative!

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