Spelt Pizza Dough

Since I have had a request to share my pizza dough recipe, here goes sharing it to all who frequent my blog! Unfortunately our camera is broken, but you can see the pizza on this old entry or this bbq one.

Pizza dough recipe originally from Karlene, who I worked with at CN RAILWAY. Yes, I did kinesiology work in their gym (right on the tracks in Surrey) before going to OT school. This job is part of what inspired my career change. As a personal trainer for CN workers, I found if they came into my office sharing their stories of relationship, addiction, or what have you I was much more apt to listen and talk then to hit the chin up bar or stair climber. So I wasn’t a great trainer… here’s hoping I am a better OT!

1c beer (now I have changed to milk and I find spelt flour needs only about 3/4 c)

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp sugar (i use cane)

1 tsp salt

3 c white flour (here is what I changed to half whole spelt and half light spelt)

1.25 tsp yeast

So here is what you do. Mix the flour, salt, and half the sugar. Put the other 1/2 of the sugar with the yeast and add lukewarm water (about temperature of your wrist like making a baby bottle) not more than 1/4c. the less liquid the better here, just get it all wet and mixed. wait 5 min. yeast should froth up. wish I could show a photo, mine is doing this now on my counter. meanwhile mix the butter into the flour, separating into little balls as for making crumble topping or something.

Now, have 1/2 cup milk or beer ready. pour into well in flour, along WITH the yeasty mixture, and mix up quick. You don’t really want the yeast to cool down by the other liquid… but most of the time the milk/beer is cold, so just stir quick. at least that is what i do. stir and if not kneadable into dough, add more liquid.

This recipe is always different. If you want a lighter fluffier and more easily kneadable dough it seems you must do more white than whole flour, and possibly go generous on the butter (that is what Kurt does!). Mine always turns out a bit tougher, but still nice thin crust for pizza. YUMM! Enjoy. Oh, knead about 5 min (or less), let sit in a bowl with wet tea towel over it for most of the day… or an hour, or whatever time you have. then roll it out.

I always spread oil on the tray and sprinkle on cornmeal. Then put on the rolled out crust, top with toppings, and bake at 400F until yummy! ha ha

Rotate trays if need be. If convection baking may be done in 15-20 min, if no convection more like 30, but keep your eye on it!


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