Hidden Life in Our Garden

Today I tore apart the front garden. There were 2 overgrown shrubs there – one a rhododendron, hardly recognizable, and the other some kind of thornless rose bush… I wish I took a before picture, but here is the after one, as well as the blackberries I had no idea were there! woo hoo!

IMG_1375  IMG_1380

You can imagine how overgrown it was, given all the waste around.

The waste is fitting as this week I have come face to face with the reality that there is a lot that can be cut out of life. I am halfway through Radical Simplicity, and it is inspiring me. How can I live a more basic life, focused on what really matters? When? Jim Merkel says if not now, when? If not me, then who?

My motherhood soul-mate, Joanna, who I have been side by side with since giving birth to my first baby 6 years ago, is now side by side with her mom who is in hospital. Today I thought of Gwen as I rescued a beautiful evergreen tree I found beneath the overgrown bushes… you can see it here beside Daria (not so baby anymore!):

IMG_1379    IMG_1377

We planted it in our backyard, in a new spot full of sunshine and space of its own.

IMG_1387   IMG_1389

The tree has one side with short wilted branches, where the sun hasn’t been able to reach. I pray that as the branches recover our family is inspired to appreciate each and every health-giving day together. And I pray our little tree breathes freshness, peace, and recovery into Gwen. I am thinking of you, praying for you, and at a loss as to how else to help you and your family. We love you all, and feel so small, like this little tree.

IMG_1383 IMG_1385


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