Gordon Bay, Lake Cowichan…. 45 min from our door, and an amazing provincial park where we were blessed with 4 days of glorious HOT (Okanagan-like) weather, and then 24 hours of ho-hum mellow temperature, coastal cloud and on and off drizzle.

IMG_1242      IMG_1249

There they are, the logs Kurt successfully crossed first thing this morning, with clothing on…. YAH! Daria even developed the courage to stand up and jump off, this took a few days. I remember playing on these logs as a child, while my sister baked on the beach reading… despite my constant invitations, she much preferred reading over swimming!

IMG_1246   IMG_1244

Despite the beauty, amazing fresh air which seems to breed a realm of cooperation among my children that goes unprecedented… I have come to realize that even car camping with 3 kids, 6 and under, is pretty hard core. We were always up before 7am, usually at the playground (above) before 8am, while all remained quiet in the campground. Then it was off to the beach, where we stayed usually until noon. If I happened to forget sunhats or sunglasses, we went without, there was no trucking the kids back up to the campsite (Kurt was working all day!). Just play, play, play all day!

IMG_1234 IMG_1238

The most refreshing part is being out there, with no walls, no chores, no technology… and all nature. I think it would work better if I was a night owl and my kids could sleep 10pm to 8-9am like the rest of the campground… but alas, we were always in our tent by 8pm and, being a morning person, by 5 or sometimes 4 am, my thermarest was sure starting to feel a lot like rocks. I stayed put, because really there is not much to do in a campground before at least 7!

Peaceful children all week = BLISS!!! (for everyone). What a fantastic recovery from “real life”… I felt I was truly moving backwards. A feeling that is so hard to create at home… why is that?? Thanks for another great family vacation Grandma & Grandpa Gerty, and friends Lauree and Keith from Vernon and new friends Lesley and Geoff from Duncan! Fun to join you all in a new provincial park.


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