Not on my side

IMG_1214  IMG_1188

We love being able to host visitors overnight. It is such a pleasure to our whole family. We love to share our space. In fact, we realize our favorite part of our new space so far is that we can easily share it with others! This makes life so much lighter.

This morning, as we pack up for a 5 night camping trip (the 3rd and final of this summer!) we invited a special guest to our backyard. He was first seen for “circle park soccer” last Spring…


He plays a game called “not on my side” where the children make the rope into a line and each try to keep the ball away from their side. We are so happy we could share this game with Zoila today before we part ways and she goes off to Hornby Island. Our oldest Daria, was in tears last night anticipating having to say goodbye to her friend Zoila. Thank you friends for your visit!

Even the baby deer came and crossed our path yesterday between wharf and beach time. We are so fortunate!



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