Mint Tea


Some days are more mint (tea recipe at the bottom) than others… we have discovered… though we have great moments, a lot of our days lately seem like hard work. I remember meeting a mom with school age children once who told me (as a new mom with babe in arms): You know, I never realized when I had babies I was building a little community in my own home.

That is so true. With Stefan a little bigger, now there are 5 of us, each with our own loves, desires, wants, needs… at any given time… we must make a plan that fits some of those, but is likely not going to meet them all. Truly, having children and siblings teaches us to be less selfish. Which I so love. More about love in this speech. Worth a read. So I am grateful for many, many, many opportunities to be other-centered each day.

Speaking of love, we were sooooooooooooo excited to welcome friends today!!

IMG_1178     IMG_1184

My favorite drink lately is fresh honeyed mint tea – boiled water over lots of fresh mint leaves, add a bit of honey, and cool in the fridge for the next day. Yumm!


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