For the love of BASIL

This week I have been loving basil. Pasta, potatoes, eggs, bread, salad, steamed cauliflower, raw veggies – it ALL tastes better with basil. Particularly with the amazing basil vinaigrette from REBAR. This is EASY and something you will never regret making. Mark my words! It is worth the effort (or my name is…). All 3 of my kids dip their vegetables in this and today my 20 month old was even eating this salad:

Basil vinaigrette p. 20 REBAR: 2 garlic cloves, 1.5 Tbsp dijon mustard (I buy organic stoneground), 2 tbsp honey (I aim for antibiotic free), quarter cup of red wine vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar), 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar (I didnt have it so skipped this), 45g or 1.5 oz fresh basil leaves (if you dont have a scale jam pack 2 cups at least!), half tsp salt, 1.5 tsp cracked pepper (seems like a lot but awesome!). Basically put all this in a food processor or blender and then slowly add in 1 cup olive oil in a thin stream until thick and creamy. YOU WILL LOVE IT! It says refrigerate for 3 days but I have kept it longer.

A little of anything is good with this dressing, and today was a little of everything for us – some calm peaceful time outdoors, some excitement as both my girls finished a set of swim lessons and earned a badge and sticker (Janelle has taken off – for those familiar she is now a CROCODILE at 3-and some years old!), and some end of day chaos. Sometimes I can feel the day unravel near the end… I am not sure why or what to do, but I can feel it coming.

We still managed our 7 minute sprint clean up (of toys) and a little fruit for snack, teeth, books, bed… but all with a few more meltdowns and shenanigans than usual. And a LOT more dirty dishes left out. Why – after a fairly peaceful, non-eventful kind of day… who knows! At 8am we were happily loading up at the breadshop. Thursday bread day!

IMG_1139   IMG_1142

Sometimes my own food intake is a bit of a mix too… today oatmeal, grapes, spinach salad, curried lentils & spinach, plus chunks of fresh bread and homemade oatmeal cookies (see this post) – watermelon, all in all a fairly healthy rainbow, a lot organic, clean of preservatives and packages, but still with everything (fresh!) in moderation. That is my style. Just like my days with the wee gaffers – everything in moderation…

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