The Best Day EVER


My dear sweet little Janelle yesterday sat and ate her “summer pudding” bedtime snack (will share recipe tomorrow!) and said “This was the best day EVER!” in such sincerity. Beautiful.

We started with a waffle breakfast:


Met Kurt’s Dad on the government wharf right here in Cowichan Bay:


And then spent the morning sailing aboard the most beautiful sailboat that took Kurt’s aunt’s Dad John 14 years to build. In this boat Kurt’s parents left Ladner in 2004 and sailed 40 days on the open ocean to the south pacific!! This was right after Kurt and I met, and I remember distinctly thinking “if this guy loses both his parents this year…”. Alas John is an amazing sailor and brought them safely home.


As you can see Kurt wasn’t excited to be on board at all. Here we are picnicking in Genoa Bay – Sunday FUN DAY!


Here are the 3 seasoned sailors: John, Dale, and Dianne, who spent 40 days together on the open ocean… can you believe it!?!?!?


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