“The best thing I ever tasted!”


This is the raspberry patch in our yard. Not much yield this year. The wild blackberries are starting though, so we went picking this morning (roadside). And then hit the Saturday downtown Duncan market. For the first time today I felt I was in a flow with the vendors – we found some great munching carrots, tasty raspberries for only $30 a flat, gluten free blackberry tarts for the girls (wow!) and of course more blueberries.

But the highlight food of today was cylindrical beets, which we bought from market, boiled whole, skinned (skin just peels off when cool enough to touch) and chopped.


Janelle shouted out when she ate the plain beets: “This is the best thing I EVER tasted!” and proceeded to gobble the entire beet. Myself I prefer to chop in some walla walla onion and add a light dressing of about 2 tbsp olive oil, equal apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp organic stoneground mustard, salt, a bit of honey. YUMM!

We love Saturdays. Creativity, fresh air, and time all together. We kept it pretty simple.



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