The realities of Pizza Pie Day


Make-your-own pizza Friday has become something of a tradition in our house. I often think about the little lessons learned amongst the three of them making pizza… Stefan learning the hard lesson not to eat all his dough, Janelle learning to leave enough olives for others, Daria holding back on verbal requests and learning to wait (and watch me as I move busily to and fro!). By the time the pizzas are done I’m exhausted from the voices, stimulation, and negotiation that has stormed through our kitchen. Another storm, which I am too tired to face, is left for Kurt:


My girls are struggling at the moment – with Janelle almost 4 and having a more clear idea what she wants and how she wants it done, Daria is learning (slowly) that things will not always go her way. We are not using the nicest of voices at times, and we like to repeat to mommy all the sour things that the other has said “Janelle said….” or “Daria said….”. Today I made a rule. We will not repeat sour things – we will tell the other person “we don’t say/do that in our family” and we will move on… I’ll let you know how it goes! In the meantime we will survive the last 1/2 hour before Daddy arrives home… always our hardest of the day.

Earlier we were in bliss, chomping on fresh lettuce brought over from our neighbor’s garden. Amazing! I need to learn to grow like this!

IMG_0976      IMG_0971

The pre-dinner hour… not my favorite… anyone have any coping strategies?? (besides stopping my blogging and tuning in!)


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