Day to Day… Wolf??

It’s really all about the day to day… actions, living, lessons. For example, in our house a routine we have is that the girls excitedly ask their Dad to guess what they are going to wear. Here is how he makes his guess:


When he was living in Nanaimo, and we in Vernon, he left us with a stack of papers, each with a different pair of colored outfits (so I could continue his legacy). Unfortunately it didn’t go over… there is something about really being there in the moment, and taking a guess AS they are dressing!

Today’s lesson was the “never cry wolf” – the girls’ volumes have been getting up there these days (as a great friend of mine says “we do loud”!). So tonight at dinner both girls excused themselves to use the washroom (this happens a lot, whenever Daria goes, Janelle must follow – the novelty of 2 toilets!). I heard some fussing but thought oh well, one is stealing the other’s toilet paper, or… who knows! I was enjoying my dinner with my husband (and couldn’t really hear over a loud fan he had plugged in). After he tried a few times to go and check it out, he finally insisted (despite my hesitance) to find both girls had locked themselves in the ensuite bathroom and could not get out!

His solution – a butter knife. Mine – coax my oldest through the painful process of learning to turn the knob despite being in tears. And – shazam! They are free. Many, many teary cuddles and shaking like leaves later we had a great discussion and added one more to the list – you can scream if: you lose a leg, or if you lock yourself in a room and cannot get out!


Just one of many lessons in our “Sharpe Home”. The sign just went up yesterday. Kurt wanted to put it up when we first moved in April 27th, and I just wasn’t ready. Three months later, it’s up!! And so is the lovely painting my coworkers at NONA gave me upon me resigning from the most perfect job ever. Perfect. Thank you!



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