Knitting away the Blues


This is Janelle who just finished her first strand of finger knitting. Almost 4, she has yearned to develop this skill for at least a year. This weekend, her Dad learned himself to do this AND taught her! He is a great Dad. Kurt is still in awe of Daria who can knit quite quickly with needles now, having made 1 doll blanket and 1 side of her first purse, she is working hard on the 2nd side and has knit more, and more smoothly, in the past 2 days than ever! Here they are upon wake up yesterday morning. We are back to waking early (before 7) – perhaps following a yearning to knit!


I am a beginner knitter myself, and am enjoying the feel of the wool and the ability to create. It is hard for me to sit still and just knit… but it is a learned practice, and is good for my soul. The other soul-nourishing part of my life right now is blueberries!!! This is one food that I find hard to combine with anything else, bake with, blend, or otherwise disrupt its perfection. Don’t they taste perfect just they way they are?

Let me know how you most enjoy consuming blueberries… by the handful too? I am curious!


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