Grandma’s cookies

IMG_0903    IMG_0928

These are 3 of my grandma’s 12 great-grandchildren (If I’ve counted right!). My grandma, Edna Altimas, is not quite a centurion, but very close. She is an amazing lady and a great inspiration to me. One of my favorite memories is when I asked her whether she missed Montreal (she moved to Calgary in 1991 after living all her life in Quebec), she said “I left Montreal one day and never thought about it again”. And she was dead serious. How amazing is that???!!!

Well, unfortunately, my grandma is also declining. My mom and dad are visiting her right now, practicing the art of just being. She has moved to a new (higher care) building; up to recently she was very independent. Now she must wait for help to go for a walk, go to the bathroom, and she sleeps a lot more like most of the people in her building. Here she is meeting Stefan last August:


One of my earliest memories of my grandma is her cookies. She made THE MOST AWESOME chocolate chip, oatmeal, maybe coconut type cookies. I will remember their freshly baked, perfectly sweet taste forever. Sadly, I did not get the recipe before she wrapped up her baking days. My friend Sandy has passed on to me an amazing recipe for oatmeal cookies from her Grandma, and I made them on a whim tonight. They are tasty, not super sweet,… I love them!


sandy’s grandma’s oatmeal cookies: 1c butter, 1c brown sugar, 2c oats, 2c flour and add 1/4c boiling water mixed with 1 tsp baking soda. bake at 375F for 12 min until golden like so:


I love the simplicity of this recipe. I think they remind me that there really are few things truly important in this life. Moms and Grandmas are up there!! Hug one if you can, or pass on your Grandma’s amazing cookie recipe! I’d love to try it!



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