Grappling with Gardening

Woke up at 6am, my watering day, headed straight outside to my thirsty garden. The greens are doing well, Janelle is so proud of her peas,… and yet I am not finding a flow with this year’s garden. It is there, but I am not digging into it every day…

IMG_0885         IMG_0884

On my last day of work in Vernon, at a child development center I loved dearly, as I walked away from my desk for the final time and anticipated our move to Cowichan Bay a coworker of mine said to me “the first year is the hardest, go easy on yourself”. I have carried that simple statement with me for more than 3 months. And I find it difficult to do.


These are pretty luscious looking greens, right? Yet we keep forgetting to pick them to accompany our meals. I live a 10 min walk from the ocean – beautiful sights, smells, feelings – and I live in a wonderful neighborhood, in a cozy but spacious house that has a floor plan I could not improve upon! Yet no one comes to the door, our phone never rings, we have no social calendar… and some days I either forget, or am not in the mood to pick my own greenery. It truly does take a community…


Kurt is not pouring wine over Daria’s head! The bottle was home to a crazy number of ANTS! In his shed! We poured water in the bottle, shook it up, and poured them out to their new home in the raspberry patch. A radical upgrade! Here they are, immediately crawling up on grass, carrying their eggs around and settling into their new space:


I am finding for me it is taking a lot more time. Cowichan Bay is an easy place to live and be. It is beautiful, quiet, has charm and an oceanfront strip with character. I cannot really complain… and, yet, I miss the women in my life. I miss the adults in my children’s lives. I miss their playmates and the smiles on their faces when people opened our front gate. I miss, I miss, I miss….

Today we picked our first raspberries! We transplanted them from Vernon – a success!! YAH! Here is Stefan after he ate his first one:

IMG_0897      IMG_0895

In some ways I can’t wait until next year when our bushes are filled with raspberries and our lives are filled with color. In other ways, I must treasure this barren year as there will never be another one quite like it. We have big aspirations for a full life for us and our children. We may start here, by grappling with our garden. It surrounds us, and while it is not flowing yet, it is alive, and that intrigues me. Hopefully my intrigue carries me on to Wednesday… my next watering morning.


One thought on “Grappling with Gardening

  1. Diana I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You have a talent for writing. You have a way of writing from your soul.. Wish I could have hopped in a private plane after reading that… Maybe you can work with your writing…

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