Gnome Granola

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One of my signature home baked items is granola. I have been making it regularly for years… it is simply delicious, and pre-kids Kurt and I ate it for breakfast every day! I use regular large flake organic oats, local honey (antibiotic free if possible as can be found in Falkland at Silver Star Apiary), and lots of nuts and seeds from Rancho Vignola. I used to put in whole almonds, which roast up nicely, but my children seem to prefer chopped walnuts as pictured here.

There are as many variations in granola as there are in gnome-making as my daughter showed me today at quiet time! She is more talented in making these guys than me (I’ve never made one!).

IMG_0879 IMG_0878

Gnome Granola (I double this recipe for 2 cookie trays full): 4c oats, 1/2c sesame seeds, 1c sunflower seeds, 1c coconut, 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp cinnamon, and 1/2 to 1c of chopped walnuts. You can also add 1c wheat germ and 1/4 c flax seed and 1 c of pumpkin seeds, or 1c of spelt or other flakes. I left all those ingredients out yesterday! Next melt 1/2c oil (I use olive just because I have it!) with 1/2c honey and when warm add 1tsp vanilla then immediately stir well into big bowl of dry ingredients. To make it less rich/sweet add more oats at this stage until it looks nicely wet but not soggy. Put out on pan and bake 350F about 20 min – stir halfway through. It will be soft when it comes out, but golden! It will crisp up later. I love it fresh (warm) with milk too! Cooks faster in convection oven.

IMG_0830       IMG_0832

We made granola yesterday and then used our energy up in a river swim.

IMG_0846      IMG_0856Miss Janelle stood for a looooooong time trying to get the courage to swim like her sister. Then she pushed off and what a proud face!! IMG_0860     IMG_0861           IMG_0866


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