Painting Day and Easy Soup

Tuesdays are painting day at our house… today we painted rocks the kids chose from the garden. I am not sure if more paint ended up on Stefan than any of the rocks! We had fun!  IMG_0812


We enjoyed an easy soup for lunch – finely chopped 1 onion & 1 clove garlic, and 2 carrots and 2 celery – saute this in oil, add 6 c stock and 2 bay leaves and 2/3c barley (or more) and usually I add 1/2c dry lentils too – then boil for 60 min. Delicious. A hit with all my children! Today we added some chickpeas and white beans instead of lentils. We just stirred them in at the end.


We also made bread, quite spontaneously. This is the shape my oldest daughter Daria came up with. Handling raw dough is good for the soul, a great activity to bring out when kids seem listless or not quite grounded in their play.

IMG_0828      IMG_0827      IMG_0825

This was also the first day I tried out using the Kitchen Aid mixer to help with the kneading… was definitely appreciated once the kids lost interest in the hand kneading… though there is something about kneading dough for 15 min that takes me back to my ancestors!



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