Food Love and Banana Pancakes

Every once in a while we have one of those weeks that are ultimately perfect and we are left feeling so thankful. In about 10 days we have had all 3 of our children’s Godparents in our new home. Charles from Lumby, Nicole and Jay from Ontario, and Joanna and Steve from Kelowna. WOW. Our buckets are full.


Having guests for me is opportunity to share food love. This morning we shared an amazing set of banana pancakes. Warm for the body, warmth for the soul. I love flipping pancakes and having more than 5 plates to fill at not even 8am. Perfect!


We love our banana pancakes. A great way to use up over ripe bananas, we use a hand blender to whip 1-2 of them up with the 1.5c milk and 2 eggs, before adding to the 1.5c flour, 1tsp b powder and dash of salt. Add 1/4c of oil or butter, 1 tsp vanilla and you are in business! Delicious, and sweet naturally.


These children have grown up together from their first days. In 6 years we have collectively birthed these 6 beautiful children. My friend Joanna made a digital photobook to walk us down memory lane. Here we are looking at our special bedtime book. What an amazing lane! Full of dancing, shows, smiles and fun. How many relationships are there between 2 families of 5 people… 45 different relationships? Could that be right?

We look forward to many more years together, friends.

IMG_0777 IMG_0760


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