Fairy Gardening in Our Home


Charles came to visit yesterday from Vernon. What a splendid day, including a great walk, lunch, and this special time building fairy homes. Our front lawn is a perfect mossy spot to create whole landscapes. My girls took these photos:

IMG_0293 IMG_0286

Great timing for a visit as Janelle had opportunity to reconnect with her “Godfather”… while we prepare to welcome Stefan’s Godparents-to-be to the Island tomorrow. We have his baptism this Sunday… he will wear a robe that goes back generations on my mom’s side, made by Kate Altimas in 1941 and worn by my mom and her siblings first, and most recently by both of Stefan’s sisters. Both sets of Grandparents will be there. My great friend Nicole from University is so excited for this celebration of life! We look forward to enjoying the folks at St. Peters.


I am grateful for many aspects of our journey, too many to list… my loving and hard-working husband is at the top of the list. My parents who spent 3 hours today hanging pictures with me – we are done, and our house is officially a home! Hot tub time with my two girls tonight, complete with cuddles. The freshest experience is the connection I just made with the lovely Tina (LaRonde Family Care). Grateful for the whole, centered, respectful, empowering phone conversation based from a worrisome topic – potential future childcare.

Grateful. And sleepless. But grateful! And excited for you Stefan!


One thought on “Fairy Gardening in Our Home

  1. AWE WOW! I think you have found the best childcare yet and Grandma Dawn and Theresa were incredible. Thanks for sharing some photos… Enjoy the weekend and hugs to you all. (Tried to call a couple of times today, but the line was busy)

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