Indulgence Cinnamon Buns

Once in a while we all need a good treat. One of my favorites is a good cinnamon bun.


I find the standard ones a bit too gooey and sickly sweet most of the time, but home baked I have loved since Grade 9 cooking class. My children and I made some great spelt ones yesterday for lunch with a few chunks of cheese on the side! We ate 5 between the 4 of us – it was a day of indulgence! Here is Stefan enjoying the dough kneading, patting, and nibbling:


After an hour of rising, I rolled it out as the dough was quite sticky and I`d run out of flour! Oops. The kids sprinkled on the cinnamon sugar:


Baking with children is an art. Yesterday I had the patience and we had the flow for it. Today, not so much. Today my 2nd daughter Janelle tried out 2 things my oldest has never tried in 6 years…. 1) she cut her own hair; 2) she was having a burping contest with herself in the hot tub. In lots of ways my 2 girls are similar. In others they are very different. Just like our favorite `Sisters`book by David McPhail

Back to the buns: we rolled it up together, and they watched me cut it into 12 pieces – I start by making a cut halfway, then quarter cuts, then each quarter into thirds:


Exciting! A raw bun!

IMG_0246The trick is to cook them just so much (so not raw dough!) and no more! (so not dried out). I bake them until I think the smallest ones are near done, then I take the smallest off (returning the rest immediately to the oven) and cut it in half. We use this as a sampler and see if it is too raw or not, by this time the bigger ones have usually cooked ample time to have a perfect tray! Serve with butter and silent smiles as everyone gobbles up their lunch happily. Pure bliss.


Overnight Cinnamon Buns from Except I modify a bit… I use spelt flour, less sugar in the filling (quarter cup brown and quarter cup coconut sugars), and skip the glaze. I have done the overnight bit, but often I skip that part and just let the dough rise an hour in the bowl. Once rolled out, just lay them out and bake! Works fine.


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