Winning and Gardening

We have a modest garden. I dream of having a bigger green thumb, but so far it hasn`t come my way. I forget to replant, so now we have eaten all our spinach with the babies just poking their noses up into the summer heat.


But, as Daria often says it is not about winning. She said this at the first school festival at our new school, in order to entice me to participate in the Relay Just for Moms. At not a day over 6 years old she advises me: Mom, it`s not about winning, just do your best! I learn a lot from her.

Yesterday, as she had her quiet play time while her little brother & sister were napping, she had this type of dialogue ongoing: “I’m not happy when I win because I remember what it feels like when I don’t win. It’s not about winning, it’s just about trying….”. All of this thought while organizing plastic cogwheels into soccer teams (3 year olds, 4 year olds). What an imagination!!

Well, I guess my gardening is just about trying. We enjoy digging in the dirt, exploring bugs, and eating a few things. We also enjoy books about bugs and this is a great one (chapter book, with pictures on each page and 3-6 year old appropriate content! yah!). The Children of Summer by Margaret Anderson.




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