Motherhood surpasses food

I really enjoy playing with food. But, I enjoy motherhood more. Here’s why.

Today took the cake on motherhood madness days. I’ve had roughly 2250 days as a mother. Today was a day that could take the cake.

Here is first thing in the morning. Stefan having “mungry” (mommy hungry) and girls’ storytime… looks pretty calm, I even have a coffee!


Think again, here we are after dinner. Stefan has had diarrhea for 3 days. By this time we have cleaned up his 1st power puke (pink, no less, cherries for lunch… volume I won’t describe, right on our freshly cleaned Berber hall carpet). We have held, cuddled, or lied on the floor with him for 5-6 hours (who’s counting?) and we have cleaned up diarrhea from his swim diaper, diarrhea puddles on his high chair (reminder that cloth diapers really do need that outer wrap layer!). Our three year old is screaming and sobbing as she too has diarrhea and is now petrified to use the toilet. And I’m hardly believing we are living to tell the tale.


Best laid plans. Food is fairly easy to predict and plan. In comparison, a longweekend day with 3 kids 6 and under… not so. I hardly know what to say to the question “what do you have planned for your weekend?” anymore. No plans seems to work best.

Yet, motherhood is better than food. When a dish doesn’t turn out, I get steamed. There is nothing to do but throw it out, and I despise wasting food. But with motherhood it’s different. At the end of a day like this, it can all very simply turn around.

Tonight I have Daria, biggest sister, to thank. She crawls UNDER the table, on hands and knees through dirt and food bits and all, as I try to choke back some scrambled eggs and rice (having sympathy stomach now)… and says “I just wanted to be with momma”. And at bedtime she comes into my room, sad that I am not lying on the bunk under her (where I often doze off) and says “Mom the reason why I want you to be in the room is… (sobbing, choking)… is because… (more sobbing)… because I love you”.

And THAT, my friends is why motherhood kicks it over food. I am so grateful.

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