Days hot enough for ice cream

IMG_0153 (2)

Blueberry Ice Cream: 1c plain yogurt, 1.5 c whip cream, 1c blueberries, half-cup coconut sugar, tsp vanilla and dash of lemon juice. Voila! Our afternoon soft serve snack. A bit filmy from the high fat content I think… maybe that is why guar gum is in some recipes… but super easy!

IMG_0158 IMG_0157 (2)

Today we hung our first pictures on the wall in our new house. Phew, now I know why we have not got to this project yet. Cleaning glass, frames, laying them out, holding them up, moving them around… all with 3 children running around… plus we emptied several more boxes, moved storage items to the shed outside (now that it has a new roof!)… good thing we have out of town guests coming or we may not have done these chores for months yet! I am grateful.

My children, no doubt, were less than excited about the workday and asked several times to go to the ocean. Instead we went to meet a potential musical theater teacher for my oldest… and ended up at the spray park where we knew TWO people!! WOW! Our backdoor neighbor was there with her little girl, and the first person I knew in Duncan – Stefanie – who made a nursing bra for a friend in Vernon (I know, small world!) and brought a cookie sheet on loan to our hotel at Christmas. I was so excited to hang out at the park with some adults!

We ended our day by cooling off (again!) – my oldest and youngest are little ovens and roast in the summer… Stefan I know the middle one is going to make a great slideshow one day… but had to include it here too! You are simply gorgeous.

IMG_0160            IMG_0165               IMG_0163




One thought on “Days hot enough for ice cream

  1. AWESOME! We were at Kal Beach this morning and didn’t see a soul we knew. Also, when you make your granola that you gave us in April, can you blog about it? Can’t wait to make it myself. HUGS!

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