Electricity kudos

This morning I woke up to a power outage. Having just been camping, you’d think I’d adjust quickly, but the number of times I went to turn something “on” was astounding! I did think of pulling out my camping stove… but instead my husband went to work with no coffee.

At 8:30am my son was playing with his favorite lamp and the light went ON! I didn’t even blink for a moment, and then flicked a light switch and it clicked – now I immediately turned on my kettle, coffee machine, and stove (cooking up some soaked chickpeas). It is only now I am asking – could I have used my gas range after all?!?!! The clock display was out of course, but I’m sure the gas was flowing, unless the lighter requires electricity. Hmmmm…. Nevertheless I gave thanks today for electricity as I went to turn on my washing machine, computer, etc. etc. etc.

Winding down the day, here is our dinner:


This one was impromptu… we met Kurt at the library after work and zoomed back home for a late(r) dinner for which I looked up “chick peas” in one of my favorite cookbooks. It was supposed to look like this:

IMG_0133 IMG_0134

Here is the post-dinner pile-up!



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