Channeling my Inner Diana

Recently a superb friend quoted me this title. As I went through my mental memory bank of what this might mean, I found myself flipping mental picture after mental picture… and yet, the answer was there, in front of me… or rather behind me… who else would drive 500+km with 3 children 6 and under, with 11 lbs of freshly picked organic strawberries in tow! Last night at bedtime snack-time, I sat and cleaned them all and popped them in freezer bags. We lost quite a few, but I`ll still treasure the Pilgrim`s Produce bounty come Fall and Winter!


Today we enjoyed a lot of fresh outside time between the raindrops. Rain is quite fun when it is 18+ degrees I have discovered! The girls found an enchanted playspot amongst the covered forest off a trail near our house… and continue to work on their garden creation (this garden bed was left empty this year, just for play!).


As I wind down the day, and peer into an uncleaned kitchen (my husband is a devoted dish cleaner! wow!)… I realize perhaps one must channel their Inner Diana in order to bake cookies & muffins, start sprouting, legume soaking, make a curry, defrost plums for snack… all in a day`s play.

IMG_0127    IMG_0124IMG_0123IMG_0122IMG_0121

I gave a sample of Rancho Vignola nuts to a woman here who I ran into on the government wharf tonight… she said they were the best nuts she ever ate and she polished the jar in 1 sitting! I was positively thrilled! Yes, I am a foodie.


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