Apples, Art, and Arugula

This morning first thing the girls went out in raingear to check out the apple tree – yes, a few growing! Nothing compared to Anita`s orchard (Coldstream Creek), but positively thrilling in our own backyard!


I have always admired my husband`s ability to draw and paint… he can sketch a horse that actually looks like a horse, muscle tone and all!! To me, that is a miracle. I have also always dreamed of having artwork and particularly murals in my home. Here is the start of Kurt`s first mural. The middle section is an invitation for me… my own chalkboard wall!


Our spinach and arugula have gone to seed, but they are still amazingly tasty. I LOVE ARUGULA! Straight out of the garden, so fresh, so bitter, so GOOD! I made salads and crackers for lunch served up with our own frozen pesto from last year. I have never had this amount of homegrown greens. Makes me smile.

IMG_0091    IMG_0111     IMG_0110

The less glamorous part of our day was taking all this junk (old roofing material) to the dump. TWO dump runs in one day = husband gone for 2 x 2 hours, well including stopping in for a coffee date with our neighbor Don – he stopped by this morning with an invitation to coffee with his friends and a message for us: `don`t be lonely`! Thanks Don!

IMG_0107 IMG_0106


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