A Flowery Trip

After 3 weeks in our family’s “hometown” of Vernon, we have again landed in Cowichan Bay, where we have resided almost 2 months. What a flowery trip! As my daughter says, “we are traveling people”! Now that I am home I can hardly believe we did 3 weeks on the road with our 3 children, but how wonderful it was… and we are grateful to have left the Okanagan Valley so well-hugged, and also to have lovely flowers from amazing friends to immediately freshen our kitchen!

IMG_0081               IMG_0099

As I left Cowichan Bay 3 weeks ago, I felt I might just miss this place. And then leaving Vernon this week I felt, again,… I might just become an Island girl yet. When I look at myself skipping, waving to the captain, and enjoying the blowing wind on the ferry…

IMG_0089 IMG_0085IMG_0088

It seems it just might be so… coastal life does look good for all of us Sharpes. Our trip was a reminder of the deep friendships we have. We pray those will last a lifetime! It also rekindled our love of dance!

IMG_4348  IMG_4323IMG_0047IMG_0018P1000946IMG_0077

Friends, you have energized me over these three weeks and I aim to infuse my life here will all the love, warmth, inspiration, and depth you have surrounded me with on this flowery holiday! Tonight, I am glad to be home, ripe strawberries, greens ready to be munched, and all!

IMG_0092 IMG_0090

2 thoughts on “A Flowery Trip

  1. Sorry , that I did not know where you were staying etc. , would have loved to see all of you. Glad to hear that it was a good trip and you made it home safely.

  2. Welcome home sis! Glad you enjoyed the rest of the trip… and that you’re feeling good about coming back to your new home. 🙂

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