Stirfry Life


One of my “fall back” meals is a stir-fry. My life is colorful right now, like a stirfry… a little of this, a little of that. So I thought it would be a good first recipe to walk through step by step. Even my son is weaving words together a bit of this and a bit of that. For example instead of saying “Mom – hungry” he says “Mungry” which has become his word for requesting Mommy’s milk. Works for me!

Does everyone make stirfry? This is my recipe for stirfry with peanut sauce:


I saute the leeks first, just with olive oil. As I was taking this picture I wondered – does everyone know how to cut and use a leek? You want to eat the white parts, so I chop them up and wash them. The tougher green stems go in our compost.

IMG_4011IMG_4012 IMG_4013

This time I added bok choy, orange pepper, leeks,… but you can add and substitute almost anything! I prepared it all ahead of time (while the kids are napping) so I can just toss and serve just before 5pm (sometimes crazy o’clock around here!). The bok choy and peppers I chop and wash like so:



I use organic peanut butter, wheat-free soy sauce, and gluten free hoisin (if I have it). I think quality ingredients make a taste difference (not only nutritionally!). Even given these ingredients, this stirfry is a world cheaper than restaurants!

IMG_4010 IMG_4008 IMG_4007

I have all my ingredients ready to go by the stove, mix up my sauce, and then when it is GO-time, I simply saute the veggies, adding the bok choy last to keep it crispy… bubble it up and serve on rice. I add a bit of salt and butter to my rice cooker brown rice. YUMM! I must admit I often serve the young children’s BEFORE mixing the sauce into the veggies… or just put a smaller amount of sauce on theirs. They enjoy the vegetable flavor more than the ginger-garlic sauce flavor. I also use a food processor for the peppers… my kids don’t love huge chunks!

IMG_4030        IMG_4029     IMG_4020

I hope you can all make an awesome stirfry. What an easy meal, then just add whatever protein suits you. I soaked almonds for 6 hours (easier to digest that way) and then roasted them. YUMM. My children gobble soaked, roasted nuts… just eat quick or store in the fridge.



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