Bright Angel Sprouting

Once a week after school, we all drive a few km to Bright Angel Park. When we visited at Christmas we drove into the dark parking lot, took one look, and turned around… but a few weeks ago I discovered this river and suspension bridge is a stone’s throw away from the parking lot:

IMG_3999 IMG_3995

Now, this stone’s throw happens to be down, down, down… and last week taking the 3 there was quite the adventure!! As soon as we arrived both girls had to pee… lifted Janelle and successful! No shortage of trees to water nearby. Daria came back from her independent venture with VERY wet pants. We solved this by giving her Janelle’s skirt, as you can see:


Second, Stefan decided he was not happy (but can’t really tell me why, my first 18 month old with only a handful of words!), so we spent our beach time glued together as so:


Well that was no problem, except then Daria had to do #2…. so I sent her up to the parking lot (yes, by herself!!) to what I thought was a washroom, but it turned out only to be a change house. At this point I knew if I hauled them all out of there, we wouldn’t be back, and it was gloriously nice and warm on these rocks… so she ventured to find a log and make a deposit. Phew, a few hurdles done!

Well the last straw was Janelle falling in the river and getting soaked!! Ack. At this point I hauled everyone (plus Daria’s deposit in a plastic bag, which Janelle couldn’t keep her eyes off of so she walked backwards…) up to the parking lot, thankful for my 1/2 hour in nature (as David Suzuki is challenging everyone to do daily!). Daria gave Janelle her skirt back and put on Stefan’s spare pants as we were off to the grocery store. What a sight we were!!

Somehow I still had the energy to start a new venture: SPROUTING!! Inspired by a mom at parent & child playschool, and her referral to this website: here is my first batch!! What a great use for this window. I love living things in my kitchen!!

IMG_3991 IMG_3990


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