Maple Bay and Garden Clean up

Met an amazing man who lives on the water at Maple Bay. He came on a holiday from Edmonton several years ago, and fell in love with this oceanside house, that he now resides in!! He was happy to share his story with us as we meandered along the beach in front of his house last Sunday… nothing I love better than listening to other people’s journeys!! And Stefan was so happily entranced with his puppy who was old and full of love.


We have also managed to clean up another section of our garden!! We bought 8 tomato plants at market, and needed a place to plant them, so we left the kids’ digging garden untouched (they have a whole play garden bed with no seeds in it!) and cleaned out this blue pit… now strawberries and tomatoes are covered in a make-shift greenhouse (plastic supported by sawhorses and tomato cages!). Apparently there is not enough heat here for tomatoes to grow like weeds, as they did in the Okanagan!!




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