Hammocks and other Garden Memories

When I went to Guatemala in 2003, I developed a love of the Latin culture, a yearning to speak Spanish, and a deeper appreciation of what is truly important. Volunteering with Hope Haven International http://www.hopehaveninternational.org/ was a remarkable experience. I also bought a hammock! But, I’ve never had space to hang it in my yard, so it has sat in our shed collecting dust. Here, we hung it up last week:

IMG_3929 IMG_3900 IMG_3930

Now when I see my hammock, I am reminded of my trip 10 years ago, and it is a piece of familiarity in a land that otherwise conjures up no memories for me… or, more accurately, very few. We brought a select few plants down here from Vernon. One was some blue flax, gifted to me from my dear friend Susan, from her mother who tenderly cared for the blue flax in her land on Kalamalka Lake. The blue flax looks like it has taken a recent van trip, but I think it will recover!!


I treasure this familiar plant and the memories it brings. Now that I am here I wish I took more living memories from my garden in Vernon… but the movers didn’t pack earth or living things, so all the plants came in our van with us! Still reminiscing about our 20 ft high walnut tree that was weed-size when my first daughter was born….


One thought on “Hammocks and other Garden Memories

  1. Cut the flax back , to the living stems. Your walnut is a horse chestnut ( if you mean the one in the front yard. They are easy to grow – would be fun with the children. Hi to all!

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