Shooting chickens with marshmallows!

Quotable quote today. Janelle (3 yrs): “Daria before God there was no people here”. Daria (5 yrs): “yes God was born by 2 people, remember, Mary and Joseph”. Janelle: “yes, in Bethlehem, shooting chickens with  marshmallows”.

Here is the context. For those of you in Vernon, there is a “Bethlehem Star” event every December on Mission Hill at the Baptist Church. Last year they added some games for kids to play while waiting for the stage to open and let the next group in for the performance. Here is one of the games – literally shooting chickens with marshmallows!



Well for today’s food love I gave myself the choice of 3 wheat-free treats:

1) Carrot pumpkinseed spelt cookies from the True Grain Bakery (Cowichan Bay),

2) Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar from Soulshine Gluten-Free Edibles (Mill Bay) whom I saw at the Saturday Duncan Farmer’s Market, or

3) a date square from The Garage (Duncan)

ALL Delectable! Which would you choose?


I definitely love that I can find a plethora of gluten-free edibles. Sugar is the 5th ingredient in 2 of these desserts. Yah! The 3rd I don’t have the ingredient list for. Want to try to recreate? Carrot Pumpkinseed Spelt Cookies = rolled oats, spelt, butter, farm eggs, cane sugar, raisins, carrots, pumpkinseeds, spice, baking powder and sea salt. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars = chickpea flour, gluten-free oats, butter, peanut butter, sugar, egg, chocolate, baking soda, vanilla and salt.



2 thoughts on “Shooting chickens with marshmallows!

  1. I am going to have to go with #2! Off to make some cookies myself. Thanks for sharing and I am so grateful you have found some yummy food options. YUM!

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