BBQ Pizza and Gluten Free Fridays!

For 3 weeks I’ve been cooking without an oven. No crackers, muffins, cookies… not to mention pizza pie day Fridays!! Our family has been making pizza, including our own crust (kids LOVE playing with the dough) every Friday for quite some time. When my parents were visiting last week we made pizza on spelt buns in the toaster oven… good, but not a repeater for every week! Yesterday, with my sister visiting, we went for it… a first for me – BBQ PIZZA!

IMG_3933         IMG_3937        

Not so hard, as it turned out. Place foil on a BBQ Tray (ours is perforated), spread on oil, dot with corn meal (as we do for our oven pizzas), roll crust very thin, add toppings and VOILA! Yummers.

IMG_3941    IMG_3935       IMG_3942

My other fantastic discovery is the amazing Gluten-Free bread made at our local organic store “The Garage” every Friday. This made some scrumptious grilled cheese sandwiches! Tasted like frozen Gluten-Free bread probably tasted months ago, before it was added to the freezer section of most stores!




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