Forested Fun!

I am aiming to take on David Suzuki’s challenge – spend 30 min in nature every day! For myself, and my children, this is rejuvenating. Since we bike to school, I often count that as our ride follows trails and paths through farmland for most of the route. A couple of days ago, I spent 20 glorious minutes resting in this chair that I placed at the side of our driveway so that I don’t back into the (hard to see!) ditch!

IMG_3881                               IMG_3882

Where were my children? Playing in the forested “greenway” that runs alongside our house, between us and neighbor Don on the lower side of our property. We can access this greenway through a gate from our backyard, but when we tried it proved to be too dense for a forested walk or play. In our front yard, however, across the driveway and through this hedge…. TAKE A PEEK! My kids’ paradise.

IMG_3883      IMG_3888       IMG_3884

Many thanks to my Dad who cut away some branches from the back side of the hedge and Kurt who created this cute door and put down some slate remnants as steps,…. If you can see the bike helmet lying on the ground, that is where the doorway is cut into the hedge.

IMG_3889   IMG_3890

Here is what you see if you follow Daria through the door:

IMG_3885               IMG_3886

And the kids all play happily together. I can sit in my chair and listen in, making sure no one accesses the road… Bliss!! This is the “view” from my chair. Darlene and Shane’s house on the left, and Shaun’s on the right:



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