Energy for Education

My daughter is in “Bright Angel” Kindergarten at Sunrise School. This is her 3rd week. Here she is sitting next to me during her birthday celebration last week with her class:


This morning I spent over an hour touring the school with Janelle and Stefan. I was worried about their attention span and ability to survive the morning… so I packed nuts, oranges, bananas, dates, to keep them busy… was I wrong! After 12 min in each class (1, 3, 5, 7) – Janelle wanted MORE! So we visited the empty Gr. 2 class – they were busy preparing for the play they perform this week. Each class performs a play each year (once for the rest of the school, and once for the parents). The class 2 play is 90 min long and we are invited to watch on Friday morning!

Each class also is responsible to maintain 1 garden, located just outside the classroom. Each class has a door to outside, so they can move in and out within activities or from 1 to the next. My heart was singing with the voices, joyful faces, grounded energy, and movement with math (Gr. 1) that I saw! The artistic work demonstrated, the hands-on math activities (I learned about quarts, pints, and gallons with canning jars!!! phew, always had that confused!), the togetherness of voices in chanting and song. The Gr. 5’s sat on T-stools, the children in class 1, 3, 5 were standing or in motion… I loved the physicality of the education!

Here is my daughter Daria (eating homemade salad roll!) and the home drawing she came up with (card for Mother’s Day!) after being at this school 3 weeks. She says (with a big smile) she paints and draws every day!! The children are taught to make forms (rather than outlines); she spontaneously made this array of diamonds and I’d never seen her draw a diamond before!

IMG_3840                 IMG_3875

And these are the gnomes “Snicker Snacks” that visited with us from her class for 1 week! They picked lovely flowers to decorate her classroom before returning to the classroom this morning.



2 thoughts on “Energy for Education

  1. Hi Diana and Kurt. Love the blog, given to me via Christina. So wonderful that they have a Waldorf school! Always wanted my kids to go to one. Matt is driving away today for Fort St John, looking for work with the help of a friend who is up there. Glad he can get some big bucks so that he can do music and other dreams, just not glad about the industry he’ll be working in. Pretty depressed about the election results, but thrilled about Andrew Weaver’s win in Oak Bay. The battle for our environment is going to be a long one. Peace and blessings. Ahj

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