What mom does…

Well Friday we went for a drive to a BBQ out in Maple Bay… our first evening out as a family. On the way we picked up a new toilet paper holder to install in our en suite (the one that was here is grey and, well… had to go!). Since I avoid buying anything “new”, I found one on Craigslist (still in the box) and arranged pick up on the way to the BBQ.

Driving away from our pick-up site Kurt says with a little smirk “WOW, our first outing as a family… and we pick up a toilet roll holder! Awesome!”. Made me laugh, as he has a tendency to do! His other quotable quote this week was when I asked him how often he changed his sheets while away from us for 6 weeks… he is notorious for NEVER doing this at home… he said nonchalantly “oh every week”. When he saw my surprise I had to inquire why the difference (“well you do it!”). Yup, true.


Stefan and I sharing some spaghetti… behind me taped up is the exterior/interior chore list I created to organize us when my parents were here to help for 10 days we kept ’em busy!

Today heading out for our mother’s day outing I saw Kurt had diapers and kids with him… “do you have any lunch packed?” (nope), “hats for the kids?” (nope),… well I collected those items and water, and initiated the girls’ “safety pee”. As we drove out he charmingly said “I guess I still need your help even though it’s Mother’s Day!”.

I’m 6 years into my Mother’s Days as a Mom and these are just some of the things I do… some wonderful and some just day to day… but all real, and all my life which I love… take a look, they sure are heart-warming!



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