Heave Ho!


Yesterday was landscaping the front yard day… Grandpa got busy with some brute force, pulling out 3 small cedar bushes and 2 large ones that were right up against the house. Here he is getting some muscle into it (I’m just standing there for the last effort, it was really all his sweat!):


It was my oldest’s birthday, Daria turned 6. Had a moment in the morning thinking of the cesarean birth I endured around 6am (I think she was born at 6:18am). Here she is, 6 years later, surrounded by and expressing some awesome sibling love:


Yesterday we also got the hot tub up and running, and what a complete THRILL for the kids to jump in! We only lasted around 15 min as it was quite hot, but Stefan and I enjoyed it again at 6am today! Now that is going to be my favorite way to start the day… The only time Stefan is more into cuddles in the water than jumping off the edges and “swimming”:






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