Daria’s first bike ride to school yesterday – this is her leaving our “blue house” (nestled in behind) and getting up to the stop sign (just in front of her) to start the 18 min bike ride to Sunrise Waldorf School for her first day of Kindergarten there.

Early on in our parenting we were introduced to Waldorf Education by friends on Vale Farms. A deepened connection to the land and family there paralleled a stronger commitment to be “intentional” about our childrens’ education. The more we learned about Waldorf education, the more we enjoyed it and felt at home! What we didn’t like was the 27km drive from Vernon to Lumby… we also felt a more established school might be a better fit for our family. Here is Daria arriving at Sunrise:


It turned out on Daria’s first day was the “Grandparents Tea” which my parents got to attend – being toured around the school grounds, watching performances, observing Daria in her first day, and meeting the people that are so committed to this school. I enjoyed watching the comings and goings of the “drop off” time in the morning… familiar, yet different, I am so looking forward to what unfolds for us here.

A large part of the connection with Waldorf involves food for me! Learning where food comes from, avoiding packaged food, falling in love with the goodness of food… yesterday Daria’s story about her day was about the “Train” they had to make of their lunch foods – from tart to sweet, and then begin and finish with the tart items, leaving sweet for last! I was surprised she still had Danielle’s homemade granola bars (Whitewater cooks) at pick up time! But, then again, she did have to eat through 3 full length carrots, various other veggies, and a whole orange!! I’ll keep in mind realistic quantities next time!!




One thought on “Schooling…

  1. wow- what a great first day…I like the train idea- I think I’ll use that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARIA. How special to have a bike ride to school

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