Oven-less on the Eve of Daria’s birthday



Yesterday we discovered the rattly range that is here has a broken latch on the oven door. The good news is I will eventually have a new oven! The bad news is that it is Daria’s 6th birthday tomorrow… I am left wondering how I will create a cake out of ice cream or some other “raw” food. The painstaking thing is that I have a new mixer!!!! It was my farewell gift in Vernon, and here it is next to my usual mixer:


I’ll let you know what I come up with!

Today is the first day Kurt will be leaving at 6:10am for his carpool to Nanaimo. Right now at 5:40am he’s just getting up with Stefan. He’s been getting up before 5am since sharing a room with his sisters the past few nights. Here he is at dawn yesterday… moms of boys can you guess what he’s doing hiding behind that chair?


We collected dandelion greens for lunch yesterday. Awesome greens, look how huge they are here! Unreal:

IMG_3717 IMG_3718

I offered up either pizza toast or grilled cheese for lunch… highly recommend adding mustard to the grilled cheese and greens. YUMM!

IMG_3716 IMG_3722 IMG_3720

I have resolved to use this tupperware item more frequently, awesome for making raw veggies fun!







One thought on “Oven-less on the Eve of Daria’s birthday

  1. Happy birthday to Daria! I’ll bake her a cake 🙂 … Only one catch… You’ll have to wait till June

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