Setting up kitchen…

Yesterday was Janelle and Stefan’s first day of preschool, with Daddy! Daria and I scheduled some “special time” together so we went to Fisherman’s wharf (1.5km away) and took a deep inhale of ocean fresh air, by special request of Joanna. Then we bought some local brie cheese (amazing!) and Babybel for the kids and headed back home. The “unpackers” arrived at 11am, so then it was time for Daria to play on her own… she ended up pitching in by cleaning sliding glass door windows and organizing spices, among other things! WOW!

Originally we declined the “unpackers”, but Art our delivery truck driver convinced us… basically it was like having a friend in my kitchen helping open boxes and unwrap items for close to 3 hours. since I don’t have friends here (yet!), it was a great convenience! Here is the photo after the “unpacker” left beside the photo of what we had for lunch (warm food tasted AMAZING!) and then the “finished” photo (at least when I called it quits).


As you can probably see it was not a hard kitchen to organize, and I am left feeling truly blessed that “functional kitchen” at the top of my dreamline for this house, has come to fruition! After the kitchen tackle, it was time to head to the ocean. Kurt took us (in a round about way) to his “secret” beach that he found off Cherry Point Road (maybe 7min drive from here). Here is Daria’s face seeing the ocean for the first time, and then the vista she was looking at, Stefan’s first steps on the ocean floor, and our first little crab friend:


We also tackled planting the raspberry canes yesterday, or rather Kurt did, by pulling up a piece of our lawn… we are ready to make our lawn into food!! Kurt is so happy with the ocean, he could just burst (take a look!!). Daria was overflowing with joy saying things like “we should just bring supper here one night… let’s watch the tide come in… they have RIVERS here! let’s see if we can cross! C’mon, let’s go to the little green island…”


My favorite moment yesterday was witnessing Daria’s exploration of seashells. She found 2 tiny ones linked together and said “Mom this seashell is going to be special for my whole life” (she has since put it in a see through box on her shelf, delicately wrapped in tissue paper). She then had a larger one, much the same and held them out saying “Mom these two seashells are like you and me”. Melt my heart my daughter, I sure enjoyed our “special time” today!



2 thoughts on “Setting up kitchen…

  1. looks amazing the ocean is so fun. racos fav was flipping rocks to collect those crabs!!
    look at all those cupboards u have wowza!!

  2. Wow – it’s amazing how similar that kitchen looks to the one in Vernon! And love, love, love the shots of everyone enjoying the ocean. So wonderful to see you all soaking up your new home…

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