Settling in…

This is the movers backing up our street on Saturday at 3pm… amazing feat, what a skill! Behind the truck is ALR, and to the left and right is a nice flat street which at either end has a bike path. The right path is quite short and connects with a new development (like Middleton) and to the left the path is at least a 10 min walk through nice forest and comes out on Cowichan Bay Road. There is a rancher down there built in 2006 for sale that we have in our “dreamline” for our parents to move in… then they’d be 1/2 km walk away. Imagine!


We have left the interior of our house much like it was when the movers left. Haven’t unpacked much, decided to continue living out of suitcases and nibbling on the bits we have in our fridge. I did make it to the grocery store so we got to eat baby potatoes and bok choy yesterday… from “The Country Grocer” – nice looking store but the food much like regular chain stores. I am looking forward to the Farmers Market which starts this coming Sunday only 1.5 km from our house, up by the intersection to Highway 1. YAH! There is greenway that runs along the right side of our backyard (in behind Daria in this photo):


Before I left I was given a bag of stinging nettle from Leanne. Fresh greens! Only I’d never eaten them before and was a little unsure. Well it turns out the first neighbor I talked to, Darlene, spontaneously mentioned she’d be heading out collecting some herself. So from her I got the tip, just blanch and eat! Much like spinach. Turned out it was the case!! Trust is. Here is our first dinner at our table: scrambled eggs with nettles and chives from our garden, cheese from the cheese shop by the wharf (Hilary’s) all on top of a croissant left from our road trip.

IMG_3626 IMG_3624

As I mentioned we’ve been doing lots of time in our yard vs. any unpacking just yet. Although my husband did stay up until past 11:00 last night (late when you get up at 5am too!) and start on kitchen unpacking. He’s the first to tire of eating bits and bobs; my tummy still being a bit “off”, I haven’t been in my usual kitchen frenzy. Here is our family getting busy in the garden:

IMG_3608 IMG_3609

The neighbors behind us (under the archway) are from South Africa, been there a year… they are renting, but we figure the previous 2 owners must have been tight as there is a nice gate in the fence under the archway, leading right to their garden. He is an amateur gardener like us, just planted his first food last year. He said lettuce did well, but not his carrots… will be fun to see them tinker in their garden this year (they have a small girl, maybe 2-some, Carla). Now to give you an idea what the inside of our house looks like, here are some shots:

IMG_3602 IMG_3601 IMG_3630

I like the last one in particular, our reading corner under the skylight. Lovely couch gifted from our friend Christina!! Thank you!! It is our front door, but there is no path from the front door to the driveway or street, so we blocked it off for now. That is where Daria has been doing her reading while I’ve been blogging here… Kurt and Janelle and Stefan are already out transplanting the raspberry canes we brought down with us!! They need some soil!! Wish them luck.


2 thoughts on “Settling in…

  1. Looks beautiful… I love where you put Christina’s couch. I saw Leanne’s smiling face this morning going to her mom’s as I left my mom’s! The yard looks absolutely incredible! Luscious! We had a bit of hail and snow today. tee hee…

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