Eating and running…

Our family has relocated to Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island… we have been here 36 hours now! The last night in our home on 31st Street, Vernon, I was plagued with the worse belly ache in years – awake all night. So I was too sick to be sentimental about the parting… this is me trying to look after the kids in the alley the next morning while Kurt got our necessities out of the house before the movers arrived:


As it turned out we made the trip in 1 day, and thus hope the perennials, raspberry canes, and small tree we brought with us will transplant just fine! I did think about food a lot during the transition… in fact, my parents took our small freezer of goodies in their truck to their place in Delta, where we picked it up (towing their gifted utility trailer! WOW!), just so we could bring along some perishables! The phenomenal movers we got through Kurt’s work don’t transport perishables… and I didn’t see them eat ANYTHING for the three 6+ hour days of physical labor they gave us… how did they do that???

Anyways here’s “Bedtime Snack” on our last evening in our old house… I used to present any variety of things but that made for 6 “meals” a day (3 meals, 3 snacks) so instead while “flying solo” (Kurt working in Nanaimo since March 2nd) I simplified to just fruit. Highly recommended!


Stefan was already fast asleep. See our espresso maker (red box) – we like our coffee! Last to be packed!

On road trips we pack any variety of granola bars, muffins, cookies, chips, nuts, and other items that travel well. My middle girl is a veggie and fruit lover, so to keep her blood sugar running well i packed a whole cucumber, bananas, oranges, a watermelon… well once on the ferry those were gone, so she dove into home-stewed plums (thanks for the recipe Kristy!) that I had actually had packed for Stefan – here she is finishing off the jar on the sundeck:


My sore belly made my travel days pretty simple (white bread, bananas, plain noodles on arrival at our new house), but I did have some frozen REBAR pea soup which I served up with noodles for dinner on our new floor. Here we are eating toast for “bedtime snack”…yes I made an exception from fruit on moving day as I thought Janelle’s tummy would explode from all the roughage she ate en route.


The next day (yesterday) after the movers left our place at 3pm (solid unpacking for 3 guys since 10am… a surprising amount of “STUFF” went by!), we elected to be true West coasters and get outside since it was clear and warm (yah!). Kurt mowed the back lawn and the girls and I and Stefan got our hands dirty in the garden… photos of that tomorrow!! So far we are loving the easy access from our new rancher to our fenced back yard and garden beds in the side yard. We ate fresh chives from the garden already!! I was munching various things as I gardened to see if there was some mint, sunchokes, or anything else edible planted… no luck! But we think we might have an apple tree!


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