Pita Bread

Well since I am on my own here with 3 kids I must be realistic about my blogging… I am not techy savvy enough to access the photos Joanna sent me, but wanted to pass on the pita recipe for you all from Bruno the pita master.

We are moving in 2-3 weeks and my grasp of everything seems like sand slipping through my fingers… Just trying to let go best I can. The foodie night was an AMAZING island of reprieve for me! Thanks everyone who came to share Dawn’s love of food and fresh flour! Angela, Anita, Leanne, Joanna, Danielle – you are all inspiring to me!!

For pita making the tips were to put water in the bottom of the oven, in a tray. Roll as little as possible!! Don’t make any folds or it tends not to “poof”. These were AMAZING!

Whole wheat/spelt dough recipe for pizza/pita

1-cup warm water

1-tablespoon honey

2 &¼-teaspoon yeast

2½–‐cups whole wheat or spelt flour

¾–teaspoon salt

1-tablespoon oil (we use grapeseed oil, can also use olive oil)

Mix warm water and honey until the honey is completely dissolved.

Add the yeast to the water/honey mixture and let proof for 10

minutes until the yeast starts foaming.

While yeast is proofing, mix 2 cups of the flour with the salt.

Combine the flour mix, warm water mix and the oil in a mixing bowl.

If using a stand mixer, beat the mix on medium speed using the

standard paddle for about 3 minutes – you can tell the mix is ready

when it creates long strings in the bowl. It should be slightly soupy.

Switch to a dough hook and on slow speed, add the rest of the flour

until the dough comes off the side of the bowl. Once that happens, let

the machine knead for another 4 minutes.

Put the dough in an oiled bowl, cover and let rise for at least an hour

in a warm, draft-free area. I have let it rise for up to 12 hours with

no problems.

Punch down and prepare pizza or pita as follows:

For pizza – just roll out the dough – will make 2 ten-inch pizzas with

a fairly thin crust. Bake in a hot oven (at least 425 Fahrenheit),

preferably on a stone. If preparing dough without toppings, poke the

dough generously with a fork before baking to prevent air pockets.


Time of cooking – bare crust will take about 3 minutes, with

toppings, time will depend on the amount and types – just keep

an eye on it.

For pita – pinch out a portion about the size of a golf ball. Roll it into

a smooth ball and put it on a floured surface. Roll it down fairly thin

to make a circle 4 to 5 inches in diameter (10 to 12 cm). Bake on a

stone (for pita bread, it’s pretty much the only way to do it) for about

3 minutes.


Keep an eye it for the first few times – they cook fairly quickly

so you will need to adapt the cooking time to your oven.


The disk should rise into a football shape. Be careful taking the

bread out of the oven, the bread is fragile and poking a hole in

it will release very hot steam.

Let cool on a rack to avoid humidity build up.

Can be stored in freezer if you make a large batch…or eat it up with a

group of ‘foodie friends’


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