On the Move…

Tonight I was so thrilled to have used local onions (Pilgrims Produce), local corn from my freezer, gifted kidney beans from Joanna, local cheese (Triple Island) and my own home-canned tomatoes in our dinner! And guess what??? All 5 people in my family ate it!! Success!! What was the dish? Mexican pie…


Doesn’t look like much, but I LOVE any meal that my whole family can enjoy!

Part of my motivation to use up my winter food stores is that my family will be relocating at some point this Spring to Vancouver Island. Wow, what a move! We plan to have an open house of some kind before the big move day arrives (not scheduled yet).

Well now my 3 year old is screaming like a banchee so must sign off for now! My blogging attempt for this week…


2 thoughts on “On the Move…

  1. I’m with you on your victorious family meal. The best words I could hear is “this is yummy gramma” from BOTH kids.. at the same meal. I’ll take this opportunity to showcase my vistory meal…(on the run). I pick up my grandkids for an active day so as usual I pack food… thinking of making something that was protien/vegi and portable. I made an omlet basically using my pesto from the freezer and some spinach. I used a muffin pan and put a little dalop of cream cheese in the middle of each…like I said it was a hit with all of us… and a meal was had before we reached our destination…and pretty much all local ingredience too 🙂
    p.s. when is our march meeting at my house

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