Winter Fun!

Winter can be a bit blah in terms of food. Overall my cellar is doing well storing potatoes and squash… however, I did find a rotten pumpkin in my basement the other day, and there have been a couple soggy onions in my Fall stash from Pilgrim’s Produce. Well I recently was at the Winter Farmer’s Market in Vernon and came home with these awesome looking greens, had to share their deliciousness…


Wow, I can’t believe we can still access local greens in the middle of winter… What else has been on my menu? Potato thursdays, pizza fridays, pasta saturdays, soup sundays, lentil mondays, curries, casseroles, and a lot a lot of EGGS! I did make another batch of Edie’s crackers on Tuesday – YUMM! And our freezer is still chock full of nice berries for muesli and pancakes.

I really haven’t been too ambitious in my meal planning lately… as long as it is on the table by 5 it is good in my books. Yesterday I decided my 1 year old son eats a large majority of FRUIT and I am making a concerted effort to balance this with some vegetables and grains. He’s my only child so far that doesn’t eat rice, cooked legumes, plain steamed broccoli, and the like… managed 4 bites of lentil chili at lunch – yah!

Here’s my 5 year old munching a yummy QUINOA BREAKFAST BAR.


Well I have been faithful with making kefir… it froze well over the holidays and has been going gangbusters ever since. My husband and I are in love with it, and I even gave some away as a Christmas present this year 😉 I have more “babies” to give away if you are in need…

I guess that’s it for today… hear the little guy calling! Hope you are all enjoying the winter season!